Forensics being a relatively new field in our country is still to find a firm footing. But the importance of this field in crime investigation can hardly be over emphasized. Law enforcement agencies need solid scientific evidence to produce a water tight case and to make sure guilty are brought to book. At the same time, it is equally important to make sure that no innocent should be wrongly punished. Careful examination of crime scene, collection & scientific analysis of evidence, logical construction of sequence of events-are all vital to crime investigation & need domain expertise for proper handling. This is where an organization like IFSR plays a vital role.

IFSR was started with the sole intent to give the field of forensics a new dimension. It is an earnest effort towards realizing the full potential of the hitherto, unexploited or untapped field of forensics.

We as a society have progressed immensely across different walks of life, an achievement which is commendable. State-of-art technology, novel mediums of communication & ease of access to information has made life easier for humanity. But there are attendant risks to this progress as well. All this progress & growth cannot cloud the fact that we have also seen a spurt in crime & anti-social activities in our society. Cyber crime, homicide, different types of theft, forgery and impersonation have all become much too pervasive for us to ignore.

Thankfully for us the immense advancement in sciences of forensic investigation equips us to deal with all sorts of crime. This is where IFSR seeks to play a leading role. Our team is a dedicated group of professionals on the sole mission to uncover the truth behind any & all such crimes. Equipped with modern tools & techniques to handle all such cases, we give a detailed analysis of the case. Fields ranging from fingerprint analysis to handwriting examination, from audio-video analysis to questioned document investigation, from cyber crime to impersonation – we hold expertise across length & breadth of forensics.

Most importantly, we as an organization have a vision to bring a cultural shift in the way forensics are visualized in our country. It’s an exciting field which offers immense opportunities to students who are looking for challenging roles. If IFSR is able to generate the required enthusiasm & zeal for this field, it would consider itself lucky. Forensics is an idea whose time has come & we want to be the harbingers of that change.