Not only do each and every one of us have very individual traits and looks but we have one thing that makes us completely unique and cannot be altered: these are our fingerprints.Fingerprints – and their individuality – are one of the most important pieces of evidence that can be presented in the prosecuting of any crime.


Classification of Fingerprints:-

Fingerprints identified at crime scenes fall into three categories:-

  • Patent
  • Latent
  • Impressed


Services offered:-

  • Fingerprint comparison
  • Thumbprint comparison
  • Palm print comparison
  • 10 Digit Fingerprint chart preparation
  • Comparison of fingerprints on legal documents
  • Fingerprint Databank of employees for corporate
  • Fingerprint Databank for students
  • Fingerprint Profiling
  • Fingerprint testimony in courts
  • Lifting of fingerprints from scene of crime