Forensic Biology encompasses the areas of science that are involved in the investigation of scientific evidence, indicating how a crime has occurred and by whom it may have been committed. This requires that forensic biologists search for and examine traces of material which might either establish or exclude an association between a suspect, victim and a crime scene. Evidence is acquired by exploring areas of biology including molecular biology, chemistry and analytical sciences.Biology Services at IFSR provides biological evidence recovery (Blood,Semen,Saliva,Sweat,Hairs,Viscera) & DNA analysis and reporting.



The Evidence Recovery Unit recovers biological trace evidence from exhibits which is then submitted for analysis, interpretation and reporting of conclusions. Services include:

  • Recovery and identification of body fluids such as blood, semen and saliva.
  • Recovery and identification of hair.
  • Recovery of cellular material from handled objects.


Our primary duties are to:-

  • Examine physical evidence for the presence of biological material.
  • Provide DNA analysis to police & law enforcement agencies.
  • Compare DNA from unsolved cases to a computerized database of DNA profiles from convicted offenders, arrestees, and other crime scene samples to provide possible investigative leads to police & law enforcement agencies.