Why should you partner with us?

So far, IFSR has:-

  • Successfully investigated thousands of cases.
  • Furnished reports & opinions at Indian courts in more than 500 cases.
  • Partnered with leading forensic firms for the early disposal of assigned cases.

As we gain ground, we seek partners who share our ethos & passion towards providing forensics services with extreme professionalism.

Who Are We Looking For?

We aim to strike partnerships that can contribute to a strong forensic & applied sciences experts nexus. We are looking for individuals who:-

  • Are passionate about forensics and related sciences
  • Demonstrate adequate research acumen and an impressive track record
  • Possess exceptional leadership and management capabilities
  • Have the ability to adapt to a constantly evolving forensic domain
  • Are a post graduate in forensic or related sciences.
  • Share IFSR’s vision in the field of forensics.
  • Can devote full-time attention to the venture or source professional help to run it.
  • Have complete knowledge of the city & nearby prospective cities.

Minimum Requirements:

  • A minimum operational business space of 200 sq ft.
  • Premises should preferably be under ownership or a minimum lease period of two years.
  • Premises should have provision for putting up a signboard.
  • Specifications and guidelines will be provided for interiors and exteriors to keep them consistent with IFSR’s look and feel.

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City/ State of Operation

Vertical you want to work

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